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Improve Your HEDIS Measures by Closing Patient Care Gaps

Improving performance on HEDIS measures is a vital objective for any healthcare practice. These measures play a significant role in determining reimbursements and reflect the quality of patient care provided. One effective way to boost these scores is by closing patient care gaps.

HealthHelper focuses on the closure of care gaps to enhance HEDIS scores. Our approach combines advanced technology with personalized patient care coordination, ensuring that healthcare providers can efficiently identify and address gaps in patient care… without creating extra work for practice staff.

Understanding the Impact of Care Gaps and Closing Patient Care Gaps

Care gaps represent missed opportunities in preventive care, chronic disease management, or health screenings. These care gaps can lead to deteriorating patient health and increased costs in the long run. By identifying and addressing these gaps, practices not only improve patient outcomes but also demonstrate adherence to quality standards, which are crucial for performing well on HEDIS metrics.

HealthHelper’s Strategy for Closing Patient Care Gaps

Our solution involves a comprehensive 5 key approach:

Data-Driven Identification: We leverage data analytics to identify care gaps within the patient population. This includes utilizing EHR data, population health tool reports (e.g. Arcadia, Epic Healthy Planet, DignifiHealth, etc.), and predictive modeling to target areas that need attention.

Patient Outreach and Engagement: We understand that patient engagement is key. Our methods involve personalized communication and scheduling strategies that are tailored to each patient’s preferences, increasing the likelihood of them completing necessary treatments or screenings.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: We analyze outcomes and refine our strategies based on data, ensuring that our methods are always aligned with the best practices and most effective approaches.

Collaborative Care Coordination: Working closely with healthcare providers, we ensure seamless integration of our strategies into existing workflows, emphasizing the importance of a team-based approach in healthcare.

Case Study: Improving HEDIS Measures by 10% - 30% with HealthHelper

HealthHelper recently helped a primary care group improve their HEDIS Measures by 10% - 30%. More importantly, the improvements in HEDIS quality metrics were significant and included both process and outcome measures. The practice experienced the following improvements from partnering with HealthHelper:

  • Breast cancer screening rates increased from 72 to 82 percent

  • Blood pressure control (<140/90 mm Hg) rates rose from 61 to 81 percent

  • Diabetic blood pressure control (<140/90 mm Hg) rates improved from 69 to 85 percent

  • A1C control (< 9%) improved from 66 to 79 percent

  • Attributed patients with visits increased from 64 to 72 percent

The Benefits of Partnering with HealthHelper

By choosing HealthHelper, practices can expect:

  • Improved HEDIS scores due to effective care gap closure.

  • Enhanced patient outcomes and satisfaction.

  • Streamlined administrative processes, freeing up resources for direct patient care.

  • An increase in overall healthcare quality and efficiency.

  • Participation in shared savings due to better spend reduction and quality performance.

Improving HEDIS scores through the closure of care gaps is a strategic approach that benefits both healthcare providers and patients. HealthHelper’s dedicated team, innovative technology, and patient-centered approach make it an ideal partner for practices aiming to enhance their healthcare delivery and achieve better outcomes.

Ready to Improve Your HEDIS Scores and Elevate Your Practice?

Connect with HealthHelper to learn more about our strategies for closing care gaps and improving HEDIS scores. Let’s work together towards a healthier future.

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