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Introducing Panel Management as a Platform

A technology-enabled service to help primary care providers provide the care continuity and patient experience they always dreamed of

Care Outreach Coordinator
Clinically Prioritized Scheduling
Clinically Prioritized Scheduling
Clinically Prioritized Scheduling
Improved Quality Metrics
Improved Quality Metrics
Better Patient Attribution
Better Patient Attribution
Decreased Admin Burden
Decreased Admin Burden

Fee for Service &
Value Based Care

HealthHelper’s tech-enabled service helps primary care providers optimize revenue and reduce costs in both fee-for-service (FFS) & value-based-care (VBC) arrangements. Through proactive panel management and care gap closure services, we improve patient experiences while offloading staff of tedious but important work.


How it works

HealthHelper provides an end-to-end panel management service and technology. After a short two-week implementation, we start saving your staff time, scheduling patient appointments, and improving practice performance. Our panel management solution does this by providing:

Panel Analytics

It's hard to know which of your patients need support. The HealthHelper Platform runs panel analytics to identify and prioritize patients in need of outreach and healthcare services.

Attribution Cleanup
Attribution Cleanup

Patients who have relocated or switched primary care providers are hurting your quality metrics. HealthHelper cleans your patient panel to ensure you're focused on the right patients.

Care Campaigns
Care Campaigns

Patients often forget to follow up on their recommended care. HealthHelper engages patients through multi-channel care campaigns supported by convenient scheduling services.


Patients want to schedule appointments quickly and conveniently, but your practice staff is extremely busy. HealthHelper's SMS text and phone based scheduling service makes sure patients get the quick support and access they deserve.

Care Gap Closure
Care Gap Closure

Your practice has so much work that it's hard to pull up and proactively help patients close care gaps. HealthHelper takes this work off your staff's plate with convenient care gap closure services so you can focus on patient care.

Detailed Reporting

Every dollar matters in your primary care practice. We provide detailed reporting so that your practice understands HealthHelper's return on investment from revenue generation and cost savings.

We help patients get their...

Intelligent appointment scheduling

Scheduling in healthcare can be difficult - there are many protocols and provider preferences. HealthHelper is an expert in appointment scheduling across the care continuum.

Through advanced algorithms, our technology intelligently identifies the highest clinical and financial value patients for available appointment capacity. This optimizes provider schedules and improves payor contract performance.

Patients benefit from a convenient booking experience through their preferred channel, whether that is SMS messaging, patient portal, email or phone calls.

Technology Platform

Technology to scale panel management

In the past, "panel management" was done using phones, spreadsheets, and a lot of manual work. Not anymore! HealthHelper's Panel Management Platform automates these workflows, patient communications, and analytics to scale patient panel management.

Perspective App Screens Mockup
Service Teams

What services do we offer

Recruiting, training, and managing capable staff for panel management is difficult and time consuming. HealthHelper's solution provides outsourced panel management service teams that are:

  • Trained on HealthHelper's panel management best practices

  • Integrated into your practice's workflows

  • Bilingual, culturally competent, and service oriented

  • Supported by clinical experts and data analysts

Care Outreach Coordinator

Delivering value to patients & providers

Patient net promoter score (NPS)
Scheduling Rate
Return on Investment

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