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Our Mission

We help primary care practices thrive in this hybrid world of fee for service and value based care through technology-enabled panel management services

Our Mission

Our Story

HealthHelper was started by a primary care physician to address systemic challenges PCPs face in practice today. Practices are overwhelmed with work, and understaffed practices don't have the technology, support, or best practices to get it all done!


HealthHelper exists to wick away work, and help relieve practice staff workload and burden.

HealthHelper is located in Boston, Massachusetts and Stratham, New Hampshire. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more!

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Who we serve

HealthHelper partners with practices, and the networks and health systems that support them, to help manage their patients panels.



A technology-enabled service to help primary care providers close gaps in care, schedule appointments & improve in-network retention



Learn how proactive panel management increases revenue, decreases costs, and delivers significant return on investment!


Meet the HealthHelper team!

We are a passionate team that spans clinical, patient engagement, and technology expertise. Learn more about our team below:

A Family Medicine doctor who is driven to improve the primary care experience and results for patients, physicians, and the broader care team. 

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Josh Kahane, MD
Josh Kahane
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Jake Kahane
Jake Kahane
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

An experienced healthcare technology entrepreneur who is passionate about building healthcare companies, products, and services that improve patients' and caregivers' lives. 

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Vlad Lipunov

A hands-on, full stack engineering leader who loves building beautiful, scalable software platforms and applications that improve people's lives.

Chief Technology Officer  & Co-Founder
Vlad Lipunov
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Jeff McHugh

A 25-year healthcare IT and population health veteran who has devoted his career to helping healthcare organizations overcome their obstacles and discover effective solutions.

Chief Growth Officer
Jeff McHugh
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Andrew Bialecki
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CEO & Founder, Klaviyo
Steve Kahane
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Executive Advisor, New Mountain Capital
Kang Wang
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CEO, HealthFortis Associates Inc.
Jon Porter
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Chief Product Officer, Bright Health
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