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Primary Care
Panel Management

Helping primary care practices thrive by proactively managing patient panels & closing gaps in care

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Your primary care provider chose HealthHelper to make your care easier to access, more convenient and highly connected.

Our Tech-Enabled Service

An end-to-end service that reduces staff workload

Your practice is working hard to see patients, respond to portal messages, coordinate referrals, and more. HealthHelper's tech-enabled service offloads work for your staff so that everyone can work at the top of their license (and stay sane).

Patient Panel Report
Analyzes & prioritizes your patient panel
Multichannel campaigns
Conducts multi-channel care campaigns
Appointment icon
Schedules appointments across the care continuum
Discover the Power of HealthHelper Panel Management: Watch Our Explainer Video
Case Studies

Want to learn more?

Check out these examples:

HealthHelper case study: HEDIS Quality Metrics

Family Practice Group

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Boosting HEDIS Quality Metrics 10% - 30%

HealthHelper case study: 5.3x ROI for Clinically Integrated Network

Sunrise Medicine Integrated Network

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Driving 5.3x ROI across a Clinically Integrated Network


What patients say?


If it wasn't for HealthHelper, I wouldn't have a mammogram at this time. This process is a lot quicker than making a phone call in the middle of a work day. Thanks."

What practices say?

You’re doing this work at a higher skill level than we could do on our own”


Delivering value to patients & providers

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